Capturing Life's Little Moments With A Single Frame
Located In the Sault Ste Marie Onatrio Canada Area

Living in Northern Ontario 

Enjoying a quite fall day at home editing . 

Living in Northern Ontario , is amazing the colors that warm the cool crisp fall air. 

 I am blessed to live a beautiful city , were the season change .It is my favorite time of the year .

 I love wearing warm sweaters and wool socks , sipping on warm chai  tea . What is your favorite part of fall ???

As a photographer  i enjoy just getting out of the house and taking a walk  and enjoying the colors  and the beautiful  colors in this city . 

Sault ste marie has many areas that are just amazing to visit , Many parks to enjoy a walk or a bike ride , 

Farmer bobs corn maze ! the corn maze is a tradition in my family . putting on a brave face walking threw the haunted corn maze at night ! a must if your visiting this city !

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    Hi I am Louise a mother of 2 children in which i love with all my heart . 

    My passion for photography began at a young age . My first camera  was put in my hands at 12 years , and i was hooked ever since . I love to capture photos that are not always posed , candid are my favorite , the simple emotion of someones life captured for a life time . 

    My style i feel allows me to be creative with different types of editing styles .  
    Let me capture you little moments with a single frame .


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