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Miss M. Photo gallery is almost done and will be posted !

This little one is such a cutie , she now 10 months it is crazy to think that she will be a year old very shortly ! 

I have watched and photographed her growth from in side her mommy's belly to the birth . 

Miss M was a beautiful little bundle of joy at her newborn photos , a head full of hair and eyelashes to die for . 

I enjoy having the child grow right up in front of the camera . Capturing little moments and their changing looks . I is crazy to see how much they change in one short year. 

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    Hi I am Louise a mother of 2 children in which i love with all my heart . 

    My passion for photography began at a young age . My first camera  was put in my hands at 12 years , and i was hooked ever since . I love to capture photos that are not always posed , candid are my favorite , the simple emotion of someones life captured for a life time . 

    My style i feel allows me to be creative with different types of editing styles .  
    Let me capture you little moments with a single frame .


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